Dark & Wispy

    • Alexa Lashes

      $30.00 $28.95

      For the sugar and spice in you. The Alexa Lashes by Marabou makes you look as sweet as strawberries and as sultry as an iconic bombshell.

    • Cha Cha Lashes

      $35.00 $33.95

      Sultry, sexy, and lively, Cha Cha by Marabou Lashes are a wink and a pout away from making you the life of the party (and after-party!)

    • Dee Lashes

      $30.00 $28.95

      With Dee by Marabou Lashes, you will look and feel sweet as pineapples. Embody the Aztec symbol of love with elegant lashes to accentuate your thoughtful eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, after all.

    • Krysta Lashes

      $30.00 $28.95

      Krysta by Marabou Lashes are fun lashes that are ready to wear as you design your dream life or bake the perfect recipe. It takes two (lashes!) to mango.

    • Lia Lashes

      $30.00 $28.95

      Get ready to celebrate with these adorably fun lashes that are ready for a good time. Dance, sing, laugh, and party like the shimmering showstopper that you are with Lia by Marabou Lashes.

    • Meghan Lashes

      $30.00 $28.95

      Make a splash with the mermaid-tail inspired Meghan by Marabou Lashes designed for your inner sea goddess!

    • Michelle Lashes

      $30.00 $28.95

      Fluttery, flirty, fabulous Michelle by Marabou Lashes are for sparkling nights gazing at Broadway’s best.

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