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Buy lashes you can wear 25-30 times!!

* Silky Soft Lashes
* Light Weight & Easy to Apply
* 100% Cruelty-Free Real Mink Hair
* Cotton material to Eliminate Allergy
* Invisible band for Natural look
* Perfect for Anyone!
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The Best False Eyelashes that Last ...

She looks too pure to be Pink

Everyone knows that girl. The girl who feels naked when she hasn’t finished her eyes with the elegance of luscious full lashes. The girl who is beautiful with or without the lashes, but finds confidence in wearing them regardless.  Marabou Lashes was born from this fiercely beautiful woman. If you buy lashes, buy the best false eyelashes at Marabou.

Lashes enhance beauty ...

“That’s why her lashes are so big … They’re full of Secrets.”

Life is a Party. Dress like it.  Marabou lashes were designed to fit your personality, uniqueness, and style.  The goal is to buy the best false eyelashes that tell the story of your inner beauty so the world can see you shine your brightest. 

Fantasy Girl. Mermaid.

Lashes by Collection

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All lashes are luxuriously wrapped in a classically tinted vintage teal box, ready to be worn, re-worn, and adored. Sort by thickness, style, collection and size.

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Breakfast at Tiff's

The Breakfast at Tiff's collection is perfect for you if you love the spectrum of natural, everyday looking lashes, to full-on glam queen."

Mink False Lashes by Marabou

Pink Lady

The Pink Lady’s collection dances and dazzles with all the fabulousness you need for a classic Hollywood aesthetic. Inspired by the movie Grease

Portrait of beautiful woman with jewelry

Black Diamond

The Marabou Black Diamond collection is fit for the highest of royalty to show off the queen you are. Luxury and sophistication encompass this collection.

Marabou Lashes owner Stephanie is a Seint Artist.  Seint sells IIID makeup and skincare products that are high quality and create beautiful looks for any occasion.

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