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3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Pair of False Lashes

Hey, ?Bou! Have you ever wondered how to pick the perfect pair of false lashes?

Whether you?re new to the glamorous world of falsies or looking to level up your beauty routine, picking the perfect pair of eyelashes can always seem a little intimidating. One of the most common questions is: what are the best lashes for my eye shape?

Not to worry, gorgeous! Picking the perfect pair of false lashes for your beauty routine is a breeze. Just follow the 3 easy steps below:

3 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect False Lashes

false lashes

1 – Discover Your Eye Shape

Are your eyes almond, deep-set, rounded, hooded, close-set, wide-set, or other? There are tons of eye shape charts online that can help you with finding your exact eye shape, and I always suggest purchasing your false lashes with your eye shape in mind. A great resource for learning your eye shape is Byrdie.

2 – Figure Out the ?Look? You?re Going For

Are you wanting to captivate as a glam bombshell or going for a more casual laid-back look? For the former, you?ll probably want fluttery Va-Va-Voom false lashes; whereas the former calls for a more wispy, lighter lash that?s soft and flirty. Check out the Breakfast at Tiff’s, Pink Lady, or Black Diamond Collections to see what kind of false lashes you can wear.

3 – Watch Beauty Tutorials!

So, you know your eye shape and the look you?re going for. Did you know that the application of your lashes can have a huge effect on how they actually look? It?s true. Proper application can create a stunning, flawless final look; messier applications can leave lashes a little wonky. (Trust me, we?ve all been there before). Watching tutorials that cover false lash applications can help you further your beauty knowledge; I always recommend YouTube!

P.S. You can never go wrong with picking a pair of Marabou Lashes. Our false lash styles are made to be universally flattering for all makeup looks, occasions, events, and personalities. You should definitely check them out if you?re looking for the absolute PERFECT lash. 😉


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