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The Inspiration Behind Marabou’s Empowering Mink False Lashes Collections

Marabou Lashes wanted to share the inspiration behind the oh-so-fabulous mink false lashes collections offered. The first thing to know is that Marabou’s Mink False Lashes were designed to empower women to share their beauty with the world because we KNOW that all women are beautiful.

From the dazzling glitz and glamour of old-school Hollywood found in the Pink Lady Collection to the sophisticated and flirty bubbling personalities of iconic films found in the Breakfast at Tiff’s Collection, we find inspiration in all things timeless and lovely. Timeless beauty has a way of being remembered and celebrated, and that makes it the perfect inspiration for the collections.

Mink False Lashes by Marabou

Marabou Lashes? mink false lashes collections were made to accentuate both your inner and outer beauty. We love the idea that these lashes are creating confidence and charm in women everywhere, and that the lashes complete their makeup. We can tell Marabou ladies are feeling even more beautiful and in love with themselves. 

Our philosophy is that through beauty, all things are possible!

Marabou Lashes Mink False Lashes Collections

Want to check out these collections for yourself?

Hop on over to old-school Hollywood with our Pink Lady?s collection. The Pink Lady was inspired by the sweet and salty personalities of the Pink Ladies in the movie Grease. These lashes embody the personalities of Rizzo, Sandra-Dee, Patty Simcox, Frenchie, Margie, and all of the beautiful ladies we know and love from Riddell High.

Create a modern-meets-vintage charm with our Breakfast at Tiff?s collection. These lashes are inspired by the socialite, New York posh life of Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie. Each lash is named after the friends and family who gave us the inspiration and support to create the socialite experience within our glamorous lash collections that we felt Holly would approve of.

Tap into the absolute, sophisticated royalty of Marabous’ Black Diamonds collection. The Black Diamond collection emphasizes the elegance, the boldness, and the fierceness of those who know they belong in the royal chambers. Are you a Queen? A Princess? A goddess? Whatever royal identity you identify with, this collection was made for you.

Marabous’ collections are for you and we know you?ll be on your way to feeling confident and looking gorgeous in no time once you try them.?

mink false lashes

We invite you to stay connected on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration, updates, and more. Share pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #maraboulashlady and you could win a free gift.

Stay beautiful, ?Bou! 


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