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Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

Why Marabou Lashes for Wholesale Mink Eyelashes?

Mink False Eyelashes

Marabou Lashes are mink false lashes rather than synthetic, or magnetic. They are designed to be softer and more comfortable.

Long Lasting

Marabou Lashes can be worn 25-30 times if used and removed properly.  This makes the lashes approximately $1-$1.50 per day.

Volume Lashes

Our Lashes have volume because of the double 3D effects of the mink false eyelashes for a more natural look.

wholesale mink eyelashes

Easy to Apply

Marabou Lashes are the easiest mink false eyelashes to apply. They are light weight and flexible for a quick application.

Invisible Band

Marabou Lashes features the design of a thin, invisible band to make the lashes more natural-looking and elegant. 


Marabou Lash sets all feature a cotton band to prevent issues with allergies or irritation. Even our adhesives are allergy-free and organic.

Sell our Lashes

If you are interested in carrying the Marabou Lashes product line in your retail location or online, please fill out the form below for more details or email Check out our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our products, or check out our blog.

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